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Planted The Seed Of Knowledge

| Manassas, VA, USA | Working | October 7, 2013

(I have ordered a veggie sandwich from Employee #1, and Employee #2 is finishing up the order.)

Employee #2: “What would you like on it?”

Me: “I’ll have hot peppers, and all the veggies.”

Employee #2: “Okay, so lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, oil—”

Me: *jokingly* “Oil’s not a vegetable.”

Employee #2: “Yeah, but is lettuce really a vegetable?”

(It appears that she’s not being rhetorical, so I answer.)

Me: “Yes.”

(At this point, Employee #1 interjects.)

Employee #1: “What did you think it was?”

Employee #2: “I thought it was a plant… oh, wait…”

His Bill Will Be Priceless

| Stockholm, Sweden | Working | October 7, 2013

(I’m standing in line at the grocery store. A young man in front of me is obviously very excited. I look and see that he’s buying a packet of salt and a battery.)

Me: “That’s not going to work, you know.”

Man: “What?”

Me: *nodding to the grocery belt* “That. It’s not going to work.”

Man: “Oh yeah? Why?”

Me: “Because we’re Swedish. That joke isn’t really translatable.”

(The young man looks troubled, and stares at the floor. The customer in front of him has finished. The cashier turns her attention to the next items on the belt.)

Cashier: *literally bouncing and speaking English* “Young man, I hereby charge you for ASSAULT and BATTERY!”

Man: *turning to me* “HAH!”

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Call Of Duty: Misogynist Warfare, Part 5

| USA | Working | October 7, 2013

(I love video games. My brothers and I were basically raised on video games by both parents. My brother and I head to the local game store near our house to check out the wares. I’m a girl.)

My Brother: “We are going to look for more Bioshock Infinite stuff today.”

Me: “Okay.”

(He and I begin looking at shirts, DLC and other items related to the game. All the while, I am getting dirty looks from the male clerk. I assume he is new, as I’ve never seen him before.)

Clerk: “You’re a girl that plays games? Don’t you know girls are supposed to be in the kitchen?”

Me: *shrugs* “So? I play video games all the time dude, so chill out.”

Clerk: *scoffs* “I heard you and your brother talking. I bet you don’t play Bioshock Infinite.”

My Brother: *chimes in* “She beat it before I did.”

Clerk: *glares at me* “Prove it.”

(I’ve had enough of the clerk’s attitude, and tell him the ending to the game. He remains silent for a while, and doesn’t bother me again until my brother has me buy him another game.)

Clerk: “So, I don’t believe you. Where are you in the game?”

Me: “Stuck on Lady Comstock’s second battle—”

Clerk: “Ha! I knew it!”

Me: “—on ‘1999 mode.'”

(‘1999 mode’ is the extra-hard version of the game that is unlocked only by completing the game once. The clerk shuts up, rings up my brother’s game, and then asks me for my phone number.)

My Brother: “Back off a**-hole; she’s got standards and no way in h*** would I let you treat my sister like you did today.”

Me: “I don’t date dudes anyway.”

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Doing A Good Job

| Working | October 7, 2013


Babies & Toddlers Themed Giveaway Roundup

Not Always Related | Related | October 7, 2013

Babies & Toddlers Themed Giveaway Roundup! Here’s a final roundup of stories from last month’s themed giveaway!

  1. Hiss-terical (655 thumbs up)
  2. Mirror Mirror, On The Wall… (795 thumbs up)
  3. Raining On Her Parade (607 thumbs up)
  4. Hannibal: The Childhood Years (640 thumbs up)
  5. A Brush With Danger (615 thumbs up)

PS #1: check out our new Extras section, with pictures, videos, and news galore!

PS #2: Read more roundups here!

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