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Been Awake For A Maternity

| Right | October 22, 2013

Nailed It

| CA, USA | Working | October 22, 2013

(My cousin looks like any normal Caucasian woman, but she has married into our Vietnamese family and can understand Vietnamese pretty well. She goes to a beauty store to pick up some nail polish, where the employees are Vietnamese.)

Cousin: “Hi, can I get a price on this nail polish?”

(Employee #1 turns to Employee #2, and starts speaking in Vietnamese.)

Employee #1: “How much should I charge her?”

Employee #2: “Just tell her it’s [overcharged price]. She’s a white girl; there’s no way she can know.”

(My cousin slams the nail polish on the counter, and responds to them both also in Vietnamese.)

Cousin: “Keep your nail polish! The white girl does know!”

(The employees were speechless as she stormed out of the shop!)

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This Is Not A High Note

| London, England, UK | Working | October 22, 2013

(It’s the interval, so we’re busy behind the bar. I witness an exchange between a patron and a colleague. The patron is brandishing a £5 note.)

Patron: “Young man, you’ve short changed me! I gave you a £20 note!”

Colleague: “Are you sure, ma’am? Your change was £14; I would have given you a £10 note and coins. You’ve got a £10 note right there; are you sure that’s not the one I gave you?”

Patron: “This is what you’ve given me! Give me my money back! This is terrible service!”

(Not sure what to do, my colleague calls over a senior assistant for help. She opens his till.)

Senior Assistant: “Give the patron what she wants.”

(My colleague reluctantly hands the woman a further £5.)

Colleague: “Here’s your money; sorry about the mix-up.”

Patron: “Well? Aren’t you going to apologize?”

Colleague: “Excuse me?”

Patron: “You should apologize to me for giving such terrible service!”

Colleague: “Uh… I’m sorry.”

Patron: “No, you’re not. This is the worst service I’ve ever had at a bar!”

(When we cash up at the end of the night, surprise surprise, the till is £5 down. So not only was this woman rude and abrasive, but she was a thief as well. The kicker? Our manager said that we should have waited until after cashing up to see whether or not we should have given her any money… and the senior assistant who told us to agreed!)

Letting Them Off With A Light Warning

| Brooklyn, NY, USA | Working | October 22, 2013

(It’s nighttime, and my boyfriend and I are in the car, with my boyfriend driving. My boyfriend notices a dark van driving around without any headlights on. He flashes his lights at them to signal that their lights are off, but the driver of the van continues to ignore him. My boyfriend flashes his lights a second time. Instead of turning on its headlights, the van pulls over and lets him pass, but then puts on its lights and sirens as it turns out to be an unmarked cop car, and pulls us over.)

Officer: “What’s going on? What are you doing?”

Boyfriend: “Your headlights weren’t on and I was trying to signal to you to turn them on. I just thought a dark van driving at night without its lights on was dangerous.”

(The officer realizes his mistake.)

Officer: “Oh. Uh, I see…”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, sorry. I didn’t mean to cause any alarm. I just wanted to signal your lights were off.”

Officer: “Oh, okay, okay. Um, huh, I see. Well, I’ll let you go then.”

Boyfriend: “Okay. Goodnight.”

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A Cent-less Cycle

| York, PA, USA | Working | October 22, 2013

(I am returning an item.)

Employee: “All right, you’ll be getting $4.24 back—oh no, I don’t have any pennies. Do you have any change?”

Me: “I don’t, sorry.”

Employee: “That’s okay. Here’s $4.25. Keep the extra cent.”

(I walk around the store, find something else I want, and head to the checkout. The employee at the cash register is the same one who takes my return earlier.)

Employee: “All right, that’ll be $4.24.”

(I give the employee back the $4.25 she gave me earlier.)

Me: “Keep the extra cent.”

Employee: “Thanks!”

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