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Go Play Outside

| Related | October 25, 2013


Balling Angels

| CA, USA | Related | October 25, 2013

(We live in Southern California, and we are hanging out with some family. There is a baseball game playing on the TV in the background. My two-year-old little sister and my VERY religious grandmother are talking. My grandmother is trying to teach her about Christianity. She is explaining God.)

Little Sister: “Where’s God?”

Grandmother: “In heaven with the angels.”

(My sister thinks for a moment, and then gets a look of comprehension on her face.)

Little Sister: “And the Dodgers?”

Meet The Flintstones

| Gothenburg, Sweden | Related | October 25, 2013

(My son is five years old.)

Me: “So what games did you play today at pre-school?”

Son: “I played ‘Mom, Dad, Child’ with my friends Emma and Angelica.”

Me: “A ha! And what part did you play?”

Son: “The dinosaur.”

An Oedipus Triangle

| WA, USA | Related | October 25, 2013

Dad: “What did you learn in math today?”

Sister: “We did isosceles triangles.”

Me: “That’s a funny name; did isosceles invent it?”

Sister: “Nope some guy called Pythagoras.”

Dad: “Ah, but he did name it after his mother.”

Sister & Me: “Did not!”

Dad: “Did so, he loved his mother. He owed everything to her. So he named his triangle after his beloved mother.”


Dad: *evil laugh*

Dishonesty Never Tasted So Sweet

| Salt Lake City, UT, USA | Related | October 25, 2013

Mom: “Stay here for a moment. I have to use the bathroom. And DON’T EAT THE CANDY.”

Me: “Okay.”

(She comes back to find that my cheeks are bulging.)

Mom: “I told you not to eat the candy.”

Me: “I didn’t!”

Mom: “Be honest!”

Me: *mumbling through all the candy in my mouth* “I don’t want to be honest!”

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