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I’m Crazy For Loving You

| AZ, USA | Romantic | October 29, 2013

(My husband and I are watching a TV show in which the main character’s wife has been missing, and he’s just found her in a mental hospital.)

Me: “So, if I ever go missing, don’t forget to check the loony bin.”

Husband: “Are you kidding? That’s the first place I’ll look!”

You Never Listen

| Romantic | October 29, 2013


Can I?

| Learning | October 29, 2013


Hard Rules On Soft Drinks

| Tampa, FL, USA | Learning | October 29, 2013

Professor: “Welcome to [class]. I see that some of you have taken my classes before and some of you haven’t. For those of you who haven’t taken my class before, you’ll like to know that class is over as soon as I finish drinking my soda.”

(The professor gestures to his enormous branded cup. A student comes in late and sits down quickly with her full coffee cup. The professor notices…)

Professor: “Ahem. I believe you’re aware of the sign on the door that says ‘no food or drink in the classrooms,’ yes?”

Student: “Oh. Sorry!”

(The student gets up and does a walk of shame to the garbage can to throw away her drink. Right before she throws it away…)

Professor: “Just kidding! That just shows you not to be late for my class. You can keep your drink.”

(The professor takes a big swig of his drink as another student comes in late.)

Professor: “…and that’s all I’m going to tell you about your final. I hope you all took good notes because I’m not going to tell you again! And no sharing your notes with anyone either!”

(A classmate leans over to whisper to me.)

Classmate: “I think the first day of class is his favorite.”

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The Grade Is Mightier Than The Pen

| Fairborn, OH, USA | Learning | October 29, 2013

(The school offers high school level math classes to middle school students if they prove to be advanced. The class is divided into two parts: one to organize and grade homework, the other to learn the lessons. At this time, I’m in sixth grade and struggling with the organization part due to ADHD. I am the youngest student in the class, and have been told I must have my homework checked by the teacher before I leave the class. This day, we have a sub. I hand in my homework…)

Me: “Can you check me, Miss. [Substitute’s Name]?”

Substitute Teacher: “Sure, Hun.”

(The substitute teacher adjusts her glasses and looks at my problems.)

Substitute Teacher: “Well, Hun, I can barely read your work.”

(I am deflated, and afraid I have to redo it all again.)

Substitute Teacher: “But, you got them all correct! You’ve already got the handwriting and smarts down to be a doctor!”

(That was the most encouraging thing that was ever said to me while I was in middle-school. Six years later, I graduated 13th in my class, with honors, heading off to work on a computer engineering degree at a well-known university.)

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