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The Situation Is In Hand

| FL, USA | Working | October 29, 2013

(I’m working a normal daytime shift with my coworker. As I take a box cutter to cut open a box to take in some inventory, it accidentally cuts my finger.)

Me: “Ouch! D***, let me go get a bandage and clean this up.”

Coworker: “You baby.”

Me: “What?”

Coworker: “You’re worried about a little cut like that? You’re such a baby.”

Me: “Well, I’d rather it not get infected. You know how many boxes this box cutter has cut? Better to be safe than be sorry.”

Coworker: “Whatever, you’re still such a baby.”

(I get it cleaned and treated in the bathroom. A few days later…)

Coworker: “Hey, do you mind if I cut open this box?”

Me: “Sure, go ahead.”

Coworker: “Ow! I cut myself!”

Me: “You wanna go get that cleaned?”

Coworker: “Nah, I’ll just use a paper towel.”

(True to his word, he dabbed a paper towel on it and didn’t even bother to wash it off. No surprise, it got infected.)

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Acting Shifty About The Shift

| Canada | Working | October 29, 2013

(It’s a busy day, and my coworker calls in to say she will be unable to come in for her shift. This is the third time in two weeks she’s dropped a shift.)

Coworker: “I locked my keys in my car, and have no other way of getting to work, so I can’t come in today.”

Manager: “Did you call AMA?”

Coworker: “Yeah. They said they can’t come out today because my small town is too far. I called a towing company too, but I can’t afford their rates.”

Manager: “Huh. That’s weird. I guess I’ll start trying to find someone to cover your shift.”

(Instead of trying to get the shift covered, my manager calls AMA to confirm that they won’t come to my coworker’s town. It turns out they have a service centre located there, and would be willing to go unlock my coworker’s car. My manager calls the coworker back.)

Manager: “Hi. So I called AMA, and it turns out they’re located in your town. So they can come get your keys out of your car. Maybe I talked to a different person than you did. Anyways, I can call them back and have them come to you; I just need your address.”

Coworker: “I’m not comfortable giving you my address.”

Manager: “Okay… well, have the towing company come then. You can have them forward the bill to me, and I’ll pay it. I really need you at work right now because it’s busy.”

Coworker: “I’m not comfortable with you paying for that.”

Manager: “Well, then I’ll charge it to our store. They’d be okay with helping you get to work. We need you here.”

Coworker: “I’m not comfortable with that either.”

Manager: “Do you have anybody that could give you a ride in?”

Coworker: “No.”

Manager: “What if I call you a cab? I’ll pay for it now, and you can pay me back later.”

Coworker: “You’re being really pushy! I’m not comfortable with any of this!”

Manager: “I just offered you multiple suggestions for getting to work, all at no cost to you. At our store, employees do everything in their power to show up for shifts because it’s not fair to the other people working when you don’t. Now somebody will have to work overtime to cover your a**. I’m not going to ‘push’ you any further on this, but if you ditch another shift this month, you’re fired.”

(The coworker continued not coming in for her shifts, but quit before the manager had a chance to fire her.)

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The Worst Job In The World

| Working | October 29, 2013


Skittish About The British

| Working | October 29, 2013

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together, Part 10

| Prince George, BC, Canada | Related | October 29, 2013

(I’m 10 years old. Someone in my class has made a threatening note to another child. The principal is taking this VERY seriously, including taking all of our journals to compare writing. I’m telling my mom about this after school.)

Me: “So what I don’t understand…”

(Mom braces herself for questions about why people would want to hurt each other, or similar difficult conversations.)

Me: “…is what sort of moron would write that letter in pink gel pen? EVERYONE knows you use a Bic! We even get red ones standard in our supplies, so it can still be properly threatening.”

Mom: “Okay, who is this “everyone,” and what else have they been telling you?”

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