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He’s The Best Actor Of The Bunch

| Right | October 29, 2013


| Right | October 29, 2013


Go Back To School

| Right | October 29, 2013


Dying To Learn How To Drive

| Norwood, MA, USA | Working | October 29, 2013

(My family lives in the middle of nowhere, and we have no nearby neighbors. My dad has been outside working on our roof, when I hear a loud thud followed by a crash. I run outside and see my dad has fallen of the roof. He is bleeding and unconscious. I grab a phone, but none of them are working, so I decide to take him to the hospital where my mom works, about an hour away. This scares me because I am still learning how to drive, and have never driven on a highway or in my dad’s manual car. When I get to the hospital, my dad is still unconscious, so I try to carry him inside, but I trip and hit my leg, so I call for help.)

Me: “Please! Help me! My dad fell and is bleeding really badly!”

Nurse #1: “Not my problem; he’s probably drunk off his a**.”

Me: “No. I mean he fell off the roof at our house.”

Nurse #2: “Kid if it was that bad, then you would have called an ambulance. We need to be here for real emergencies, and not druggies like you.”

(At this point, a police officer in uniform speaks up.)

Officer: “Look, this girl is covered in blood, and you as nurses don’t have the sense to think something is wrong! You must be f****** idiots! Sweetie, where’s your dad? I’ll help you.”

Me: “Outside on the sidewalk.”

(He helps me carry him inside. When we get there, several nurses have gathered around to see the commotion, including Nurse #3, a friend of my mom.)

Nurse #3: “[My Name], what happened?”

Me: “My dad fell and got hurt.”

Nurse #3: “No, I mean to you. You’re covered in blood and your leg looks broken. I’m surprised you can stand.”

(I look down and see my right leg bending at a weird angle. I am surprised, because it doesn’t hurt, but I still go into a room for a doctor to look at me, and sure enough it’s broken in two places. Nurse #3 and my officer friend come to check on me a little later.)

Nurse #3: “I told your mom you’re here. I thought you were still learning to drive?”

Me: “I am. I was really scared. I never drove on a highway before, or in a stick-shift.”

Officer: “Are you saying that with no experience or guide, you learned how to drive a manual well enough to drive on a highway, without getting into a crash, for the first time, and without stripping the gears?”

Me: “I… yeah. Are you going to arrest me for driving without a license?”

Officer: “No! That is one of the bravest things I ever heard! I hope you and your dad get better.”

(After I get a cast and crutches and can leave the hospital, my mom drives me to a police station after I convince her I should report myself. When we get there, I explain the situation and the officer at the front desk says because I wasn’t pulled over, it can’t be held against me. A few months later, my dad is able to leave the hospital, and now I have my license so I can legally drive him home!)

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From Fried To Fired, Part 2

, | UK | Working | October 29, 2013

(I usually work day shift, but my manager has asked me to work an evening shift to cover a staff absence. A coworker is getting cooked chicken strips out of the fryer to serve a customer, and he drops one on the floor. He throws it back into the fryer.)

Me: “Hey [Coworker], what are you doing?”

Coworker: “Freshening up the chicken.”

Me: “What? You’re not going to serve that, are you?”

Coworker: “Yup, it’s fine; you just need to fry it a bit.”

Me: “No you don’t! You need to throw it out and cook a new one!”

Coworker: “[Manager] said this was fine! The hot oil kills germs.”

Me: “No way!”

(I make him re-cook the order, and go find the manager and explain what happened.)

Manager: “[Coworker], what the h***! You do NOT serve food that’s been on the floor!”

Coworker: “You said that we didn’t have to follow hygiene for fried food; you said the hot oil kills germs. That’s what you told me.”

Manager: “I said you don’t need to wear gloves to handle frozen food that’s going in the fryer as long as you have washed your hands. What made you think it was okay to serve food that’s been on the floor?”

Coworker: “What’s the difference?”

Manager: “In the back. Now.”

(The scary thing? I’d eaten there in the evenings because I knew we had really good kitchen hygiene. At least, the day shift did…)


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