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Go Ahead And Staaaaaaaaaaarve

| Romantic | November 4, 2013


Don’t (Poli)Tick Her Off

| Australia | Learning | November 4, 2013

(We’re studying social psychology and the internet, and how events can be organized through the internet. We’re role-playing a rebellion to overthrow a corrupt dictator, and how we would organize our plan to bring a democracy to the country. I’m in the final group. The first and second groups decide to use peaceful protests in an attempt to convince the government to change.)

Tutor: “Group three, you’re up.”

Group Three Speaker: “We would stage a hunger strike.”

(There is a considering silence, until I interrupt.)

Me: “I’m thinking an evil dictator who’s already letting his people stay poor, wouldn’t be too affected by his people dying from starvation.”

Tutor: “Okay then, what’s your idea?”

Me: “We’re going to rally and underground rebellion with support coming in from all of the oppressed through the country. In the dead of night we’re going to storm his compound, break in and cut off his head before ejecting the rest of his government and replacing it with a democratic and fair system, or as fair as democracy can be in this corrupt world.”

(There is a prolonged silence.)

Tutor: “Right, so group one is going to stage peaceful protests that will eventually cripple the government and force them to turn to democracy; group two is going to stage peaceful protests that will eventually cripple the government and force them to turn to democracy; group three is going to stage a hunger strike that will cause them all to die which will in turn cripple the government and force them to turn to democracy. And group four is going to become an organized militia and create bloody mayhem resulting in the instatement of democracy. So… what’s today’s lesson?”

Classmate: “That [My Name] is a raging psychopath, and if we ever want to rebel we know where to look.”

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D Grade

| USA | Learning | November 4, 2013

(I am a teaching assistant for a statistics course. One day, the professor is discussing effect size, represented as ‘Cohen’s D.’)

Professor: “Alright, now an experiments numbers can mean essentially nothing if there’s no effect size. You want a really big D.”

(A few students stifle their snickering. The professor, not catching on, continues.)

Professor: “So I want you all to take a look at this problem, calculate the effect size, and give me the D.”

(There is more snickering.)

Professor: “That means something else, doesn’t it?”

The Best Seats Are In The Undress Circle

| USA | Learning | November 4, 2013

(My choir co-director and I have just handed out the music to the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ to our students. This choir is a volunteer after-school club, and we get kids from all over the school who may not be music students. We like to educate about the music as we go along.)

Co-Director: “Now, the Hallelujah Chorus is from a larger work by Handel called The Messiah. It’s an oratorio, not an opera, because during Lent opera was considered a luxury. Who can tell me one of the differences between an opera and an oratorio?”

Student: “They didn’t wear any clothes.”

(There is a long pause.)

Student:Costumes! They didn’t wear any costumes!”

2,879 Tabs

| Learning | November 4, 2013


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