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November Themed Story Giveaway: Bizarre Behavior!

Not Always Related | Romantic | November 6, 2013
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PS: Congratulations to a lucky reader for winning October’s Themed Story Giveaway, which featured stories about Lying. The winning submission: Now All They Need Is The Videotape (378 thumbs up).

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A Movie Romance

| Europe | Romantic | November 6, 2013

(We’re at home, watching ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ while my boyfriend is clicking around on the computer, setting me up with Netflix.)

Me: “Honey?

Boyfriend: “Yes?”

Me: “Do you know this eCard? It’s naming ‘Netflix, Oreos and Sweatpants’ as a relationship status.”

Boyfriend: “Not until now, but I love it already.”

Me: “We are now in a polyamorus relationship with Netflix.”

This Fight Had A Duel Purpose

| GA, USA | Romantic | November 6, 2013

(I’m a regular at a fast food restaurant. The current cashier has only been working for a few weeks, and appears to be the only cashier on duty. While waiting in line to order, the customer in front of me has constantly been yelling at the cashier.)

Cashier: “Okay, so that’s a #5 meal with extra sauce, a medium drink, and a milkshake.”


Cashier: “I’m sorry, sir. Let me fix that for you.”

Customer: “No! You’re too stupid to do anything right. Go get me your manager, unless you think you’re gonna f*** that up too!”

(The cashier is speechless and begins crying. Having had enough, I decide to intervene.)

Me: “Hey! Calm down. She’s doing the best she can. There’s no need to call her names.”

(The customer turns around to look at me. He’s clearly taller than me and stomps towards me.)

Customer: “Shut the f*** up, kid. Didn’t anyone teach you to respect a grown-up?”

Me: “I was actually taught to give respect until they show they don’t deserve it. And you, sir, clearly don’t deserve it.”

Customer: “Didn’t I tell you to shut up?”

(He begins cracking his knuckles in front of me to intimidate me. I remain un-phased.)

Me: “Then allow me to say this: apologize to my girlfriend, else one of us will be leaving with broken bones.”

(I take a step back and position myself into a fighting stance. The customer begins having second thoughts. He quickly turns around, apologizes to the cashier, and runs out.)

Cashier: “I… I didn’t know that—”

Me: “I don’t, but it’s still funny tricking people to think that I can fight.”

Cashier: “No… I mean I didn’t know that I had a boyfriend.”

(I ended up buying her lunch for what she went through. We’ve been dating ever since!)

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Long Distance, Long Memory

| IL, USA | Romantic | November 6, 2013

(I am in a long distance relationship with a girl I had met three years prior, but we have just started dating. It is four months into the relationship, when I get a text from her.)

Girlfriend: “Baby, I love you, but I’m not being fair to you. We need to talk. Our lack of a physical relationship has made me be unfaithful to you.”

Me: “So you want to break it off?”

Girlfriend: “No, I know you’re the one for me.”

(Five months later…)

Girlfriend: “I’m sorry, but with my jobs I don’t have time for you anymore.”

(Three months later, my now ex-girlfriend messages me on Facebook.)

Ex-Girlfriend: “I’M PREGNANT!”

(Five years later, the latter four of which I have heard NOTHING from her…)

Ex-Girlfriend: “So, I made a big mistake. My husband treats me pretty badly and I want to leave him. You were always the one that got away. Want to be a stepdad?”

A Cookie Monster Of A Diet

| London, England, UK | Romantic | November 6, 2013

(My wife and I are out shopping with a friend, and have just arrived at our destination. My wife is currently on a restricted diet and cannot eat foods containing milk.)

Me: “So where next? [Shop] or food?”

Wife: “I’d say food; [friend] hasn’t had anything to eat today apart from that giant chocolate chip cookie.”

Me: *in Cookie monster’s voice* “Mmm, cookie…”

(I start trying to eat my wife’s head.)

Me: “Om nom nom nom!”


Me: “You’re small and sweet—”


(My wife realises what she has just said, and suddenly looks miserable.)

Friend & Me: “Aww!”

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