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Thinking On The Box

| Singapore | Working | November 6, 2013

Colleague: “[My Name], do you have a tape measure?”

Me: “Yes, but it is a mini one; it’s only one meter in length.”

Colleague: “No problem, I’ll take it. Let’s go measure some supplies. You bring a pen and paper; write down the figures.”

Me: “Okay.”

(A few minutes later, my colleague is bent over a long box…)

Colleague: “Ugh! I can’t reach the end. Hey! Your tape measure is not long enough!”

Me: “I told you it was a mini. Anyway, it is 104 cm.”

(My colleague stretches, and finally reaches the end of the box.)

Colleague: “Okay, here’s 90 cm, let me move and measure the rest.”

Me: “It’s 104 cm.”

Colleague: “What? 90 cm, plus uh—”

Me: “It’s 104 cm.”

Colleague: “How do you know? You’re not the one measuring!”

Me: “It says so right here at the end of the box.”

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Best Make That A Double (Her Age)

| Working | November 6, 2013

Middle Finger Typing

| Working | November 6, 2013


November Themed Story Giveaway: Bizarre Behavior!

Not Always Related | Related | November 6, 2013
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PS: Congratulations to a lucky reader for winning October’s Themed Story Giveaway, which featured stories about Liars. The winning submission: Croaked Before It Could Croak (412 thumbs up).

PS #2: winners will be announced the first Wednesday of every month. Next free t-shirt gift certificate: Wednesday, December 4!

Dad Isn’t Exactly A High-Roller(Coaster)

| USA | Related | November 6, 2013

(My cheap dad and I are in line for a roller coaster. I am deathly afraid.)

Me: “Nooo, I don’t wanna go!”

Dad: “I paid for these tickets, so you have to go!”

(When it’s our turn, my dad forces me onto the seat despite the stares of everyone. The car starts going up a steep hill very slowly.)

Me: *near tears* “Noooo! I’m going to be sick! I’m going to faint!”

Dad: “Don’t be sick, and don’t faint! Look at the view, isn’t it pretty?”

Me: “No, it’s not! I hate you for making me do this!”

Dad: “Don’t close your eyes; you’re wasting my money!”

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