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Not A Klan-destine Name

| MI, USA | Working | November 8, 2013

(While I’m working, two supervisors walk into my office and close the door. I assume this cannot be a good thing, until they both burst out laughing.)

Supervisor #1: “You would not believe the interview we just had! We were interviewing for the open maintenance position, and it was already going badly; the guy was wearing enough cologne that I needed to turn on a fan and ventilate the room. So we get to the end of our questions, and I ask if he has any questions for us. So he asks if we ‘have a problem with diversity’ here.”

Supervisor #2: “We were confused; we thought maybe he just wanted to know if there was diversity among the staff, and phrased it awkwardly.”

Supervisor #1: “So I explained that the maintenance department is very diverse: Native Americans, Latinos, Whites, African-Americans, recent immigrants from Eastern Europe…”

Supervisor #2: “And he buts in and says, ‘But do you have trouble with the blacks and whites working together? Don’t they have conflicts?'”

Supervisor #1: “And we have no idea what to say. So as we’re thanking him for his time, I look at his resume again, and notice that his name is K**** K. K*****. It’s either the worst coincidence in history, or he changed his name so his initials would be KKK!”

(Somehow, I don’t think he’s going to get the job.)

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Trying To Put The Subject To Bed

| Buford, GA, USA | Working | November 8, 2013

(I’m registering for gifts for my wedding with a friend of mine. After a while, my friend asks if we can take a break so she can look at mattresses for her new apartment. I’m standing outside the mattress area with the registry gun, waiting for her to finish. An employee walks up to me.)

Employee: “You can’t put mattresses on your registry.”

Me: “I know. I’m just waiting for my friend.”

Employee: “Okay, but you can’t register for mattresses.”

Me: “I’m not. I’m waiting for my friend who is looking at them.”

Employee: “They don’t let you put mattresses on wedding registries.”

Me: “I KNOW. Do I need to not stand in this area with the gun? I’m not scanning anything. I’m waiting for my friend.”

(I gesture to my friend, who is trying out mattresses.)

Employee: “It’s just that you can’t register for a mattress.”

Me: “LISTEN, I know that I CAN’T register for a MATTRESS. I am NOT REGISTERING FOR A MATTRESS. I am waiting for my FRIEND. Whatever, I’m going over here now…”

Employee: *calling after me* “Just don’t try to register for a mattress! It won’t let you!”

Leaving The Register Is Slow To Register

| Montreal, QC, Canada | Working | November 8, 2013

(I have been working at the same grocery supermarket for five years as a simple cashier. I have recently handed in my resignation letter, because working there makes me depressive, and I want to focus on my other jobs and studies. At the beginning of my shift, my manager comes to see me.)

Manager: “Is it true you’re leaving?”

Me: “Yes, I want to focus on my other jobs.”

Manager: “Man! How am I going to manage this place with you gone? I’ll make you change your mind; you’ll see.”

(I laugh it off. A few days later, business is slow, and I’m speaking with my supervisor and mentioning my leaving.)

Supervisor: “Really? How are we going to manage without you?”

Me: “I’m just a cashier! Anyone can do my job.”

Supervisor: “Not as seriously as you do! Let’s check the employee list…”

(She then names every employee who is below me.)

Supervisor: “She’s lazy, she’s always talking with her, she was made supervisor but everyone hates her, she always complains, he’s just a big douche, she’s always late, he’s never available when we need him. See? You’re one of our best employees!”

(I felt sorry for her and my manager, but I didn’t change my mind!)

Silent Night

| Working | November 8, 2013

Stay Until Irrelevant

| Working | November 8, 2013


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