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Liars & Scammers Themed Giveaway Roundup

, , | Not Always Working | Working | November 11, 2013

Liars & Scammers Themed Giveaway Roundup! Here’s a final roundup of stories from last month’s themed giveaway!

  1. Their Device Passed The Acid Test (1,759 thumbs up)
  2. Secret Shop, Public Flop (1,245 thumbs up)
  3. An Honest Scam (1,430 thumbs up)
  4. Their Jobs Are As Stuffed As Their Crusts (1,023 thumbs up)
  5. Something Doesn’t Compute (1,448 thumbs up)

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PS #2: Read more roundups here!

Date Fright

| Staten Island, NY, USA | Related | November 11, 2013

(I am talking to my five-year-old son.)

Me: “Can you and your brother stay at my friend’s house for a few hours while Dad and I go out on a date?”

Five-Year-Old Son: “Where are you going?”

Me: “Brooklyn.”

Five-Year-Old Son: “You go all the way to Brooklyn to have a date?”

Me: “Uhm… yeah!”

Five-Year-Old Son: “Why can’t you guys just date in your room and lock your door? We’re not going to bother you. [Older Brother] and I are just gonna play Wii.”

Me: *to myself* “What kind of dates are kids going on these days?!”

Talking At Cross-Dress Purposes

| London, England, UK | Related | November 11, 2013

Sister: “Ugh, walking in high heels is really hard!”

Dad: “I wouldn’t know.”

Me: “You’re saying you haven’t worn high heels?”

Dad: “Not that I can remember, no.”

Me: “Because I recall you saying something about wearing fishnet tights for a fancy dress party, and if you weren’t wearing high heels as well you were doing it wrong!”

No Vocation For Location, Part 9

| NJ, USA | Related | November 11, 2013

(I am in the car with my little sister and my father. We see a Quebec license plate.)

Little Sister: “Isn’t Quebec in Georgia?”

Me: “No, Quebec is a province in Canada.”

Little Sister: “Oh.”

(A few months later, we are watching something about the Civil War. They mention Atlanta.)

Little Sister: “Isn’t Atlanta in Quebec?”

Me: “What are they teaching you at school?”

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Playing In The Big Garden (State) In The Sky

| VA, USA | Related | November 11, 2013

(My three-year-old daughter’s hamster has died, so we have to tell her. About a month before, my grandmother had passed away.)

Me: “Your hamster isn’t in her cage because she died.”

Daughter: “Where did she go?”

Me: “Remember Great-Grandma, and how we talked about what happened to her?”

Daughter: “My hamster went to New Jersey?!”

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