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Not Gonna Do That Any More…

| Right | November 14, 2013


November Themed Giveaway Reminder: Bizarre Behavior

Not Always Working | Working | November 14, 2013
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Driving Miss Daisy Will Drive Them Crazy

| Working | November 14, 2013

In-Appropriating A New Cashier

| Houston, TX, USA | Working | November 14, 2013

(It is my first day of cashiering officially. I pick up my till and head to the manager’s podium with the bookkeeper who shows me how to open my locker.)

Bookkeeper: “Okay, we just have to find the manager for this shift and get you started. Oh, there he is! Hey [Manager’s Name]! Your new cashier, [My Name], is here. Where do you want to stick her?”

Manager: *with his back to us* “Stick her? I don’t even know her yet! Ba-dum-tsch! Hah.”

Bookkeeper: “Uh…”

Manager: *without turning around* “…she’s actually standing there with you, isn’t she?”

Bookkeeper: “…yeah.”

Manager: “Right! Set her up on register six.”

(Register six is the farthest away from the manager’s podium. He spent the rest of the shift avoiding eye contact and later apologized.)

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Not The Message You Want For Getting Older

| Winnipeg, MB, Canada | Working | November 14, 2013

(My mom, sister, and I go to a bakery to pick up a birthday cake for my dad. We had asked them to write ‘Happy Birthday Dad’ on the cake. When it comes out, the cake has ‘Happy Birthday Dead’ written on it.)

Mom: “No, we asked you to write ‘Happy Birthday DAD.'”

Employee: “Oh… I thought you said ‘dead.'”

(To this day, I’ll never understand under what circumstance anyone would want ‘Happy Birthday Dead’ written on their cake.)

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