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Nature: It’s Un-cannibal-ievable

| Taiwan, China | Learning | November 21, 2013

(I am teaching elementary students about food chains.)

Me: “What eats the bee?”

Class: “The frog!”

Me: “What eats the frog?”

Class: “The eagle!”

Me: “What eats the eagle?”

Student: “Four eagles!”

Those Who Afrikaan’t Do

, | CA, USA | Learning | November 21, 2013

(My History teacher is away on jury duty, so we have a substitute teacher. Note: I was born in South Africa.)

Classmate: “So what language did you speak in Africa?”

Me: “English and Afrikaans. I learned both of them when I was little.”

Sub: “Don’t listen to her! Afrikaans isn’t a real language. She is making it up.”

Me: “No, it’s real. It is one of the 13 National Languages of South Africa.”

Sub: “You’re lying.”

Me: “If it wasn’t real, then why is it on Google Translate?”

Sub: “Stop lying before I write you up for disrupting class!”

(Needless to say, when my history teacher came back, he was unimpressed by the sub’s education.)

Puts His Own Spin On It

| Learning | November 21, 2013

A couple refused to tip their former Marine waitress because she’s gay.

| Right | November 20, 2013

A couple refused to tip their former Marine waitress because she’s gay. Here’s how the restaurant responded.


Full Story.

Free Lager For Free Labor

| UK | Right | November 20, 2013

(I’ve just fixed a customer’s laptop which had an issue outputting to a monitor. I decide not to charge him, as the problem is minor and the fix didn’t take very long.)

Customer: “Thanks a lot for that. I appreciate it. Wait here a sec.”

(The customer leaves the store and I continue serving customers. Half an hour later, he returns.)

Customer: “Here you go, mate. Hope you drink lager!”

(He puts a case of beer down on my counter and begins walking out.)

Me: “Whaa… are you serious? What’s this for?”

Customer: “For fixing my laptop!”

Me: “I… I really appreciate it, but you didn’t need to—”

Customer: “You fixed my problem quickly and with a smile. I’m not the best with technology but you were very patient with me, which is more than I can say about the staff over at [Competitor]. So enjoy that, and I’ll definitely be shopping here again!”

(That guy made my shift!)

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