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It Was A Rough Draft

| IL, USA | Learning | November 21, 2013

(In order to help the students improve their public speaking skills in English class, I am having them give 30-second impromptu speeches. One particular student seems very enthusiastic to go.)

Student #1: “Oh! Oh! Oh! Can I go first?”

Me: “Sure, go ahead and go up to the podium.”

(The student runs up there and begins giving his speech. As he is talking, he suddenly starts slowly taking off his pants. The whole class starts shifting uncomfortably and giggling. Before I can stop him, the pants are off and he is standing up there in gym shorts. He ends his speech and sits back down as if everything that just happened was normal.)

Me: “Um… any other volunteers?”

Nature: It’s Un-cannibal-ievable

| Taiwan, China | Learning | November 21, 2013

(I am teaching elementary students about food chains.)

Me: “What eats the bee?”

Class: “The frog!”

Me: “What eats the frog?”

Class: “The eagle!”

Me: “What eats the eagle?”

Student: “Four eagles!”

Those Who Afrikaan’t Do

, | CA, USA | Learning | November 21, 2013

(My History teacher is away on jury duty, so we have a substitute teacher. Note: I was born in South Africa.)

Classmate: “So what language did you speak in Africa?”

Me: “English and Afrikaans. I learned both of them when I was little.”

Sub: “Don’t listen to her! Afrikaans isn’t a real language. She is making it up.”

Me: “No, it’s real. It is one of the 13 National Languages of South Africa.”

Sub: “You’re lying.”

Me: “If it wasn’t real, then why is it on Google Translate?”

Sub: “Stop lying before I write you up for disrupting class!”

(Needless to say, when my history teacher came back, he was unimpressed by the sub’s education.)

Puts His Own Spin On It

| Learning | November 21, 2013

A couple refused to tip their former Marine waitress because she’s gay.

| Right | November 20, 2013

A couple refused to tip their former Marine waitress because she’s gay. Here’s how the restaurant responded.


Full Story.

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