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Radio Inactive

| MA, USA | Working | November 21, 2013

(I’m 33 weeks pregnant, and it’s pretty obvious. My GP has recommended a chest x-ray because she’s concerned I have an infection in my lungs. We discuss the risks of x-rays during pregnancy and decide we’re both fine with it. I worked with radiation in a previous job and have a thorough understanding of its dangers and how to safely work with it, so I’m not really worried. My doctor sends me over to radiology. The radiologist comes for me and I follow him into the x-ray room.)

Radiologist: “Is there any chance you might be pregnant?”

Me: “Well, yeah. 33 weeks.”

Radiologist: “What?! What are you doing here? Don’t you know you can’t have an x-ray while pregnant?”

Me: “I’m fine with it. My doctor recommends it, and I’ve worked with plenty of radioactivity in the past and I understand the dangers. We’re more worried I have a lung infection right now.”

Radiologist: “No, I can’t let you do this. It’s too risky.”

Me: “Really, it’s fine. I know the dangers. My doctor knows the dangers. We both agree an untreated infection is more dangerous to the health of the baby than a quick x-ray.”

Radiologist: “I just can’t do this.

(The radiologist walks away to find another radiologist. They discuss for a minute and he comes back looking defeated.)

Radiologist: “Fine. Are you SURE your doctor is okay with this?”

Me: “Don’t you have her order for this in your hand?”

(The radiologist ended up taking my x-ray. Thankfully, it ended up being a torn muscle, not an infection!)

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Just Retired From His Miss-List

, | USA | Working | November 21, 2013

(A former manager that retired has returned to work part-time. A very young coworker of mine doesn’t seem to understand the situation and has been asking the former manager the same questions for about a week.)

Young Coworker: “So, why did you come back? Aren’t you retired?”

Former Manager: “Yes, but I was kind of bored. Before I retired this place was my life, so when I needed something to occupy my time again, I decided to come back part time.”

Young Coworker: “But why? This place sucks! Couldn’t you get a better job?”

Former Manager: “It’s not just the place. I’ve been working with some of these people for years. I missed them.”

Young Coworker: “I don’t get it… that doesn’t make any sense! How could you miss this place? It’s awful!”

(My young coworker stomps away and I shake my head.)

Me: “You didn’t miss her, did you?”

Former Manager: “Not in the slightest…”

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A Fowl Comparison

| FL, USA | Working | November 21, 2013

(I work in the deli section of my store. Today, I’m preparing some chicken wings while my manager is breading chicken for the fryer.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name]!”

Me: “Yeah?”

Manager: “Look at these chicken breasts!”

(She walks over carrying an enormous raw chicken breast.)

Manager: “They’re bigger than mine!”

(She points to her chest for emphasis.)

Me: “…Alrighty then.”

Something Doesn’t Compute

| Working | November 21, 2013

Won’t Take Long

| Related | November 21, 2013


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