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Should Be A Trifle Concerned

| NB, Canada | Romantic | December 28, 2013

(My girlfriend and I are lying in bed. I playfully grab her behind.)

Girlfriend: “Hey!”

Me: “I can do that. I’m allowed to.”

Girlfriend: *quoting the song “Bootylicious”* “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.”

Me: “I am totally and completely ready for this jelly.”

Girlfriend: “In this situation I am doubtful of your jelly preparedness.”

Me: “I am jelly prepared. This jelly is my destiny. I have trained for this my entire life. Any jelly that I have been involved with in the past was merely practice for this one jelly.”

Girlfriend: “I’m not sure whether I should be amused, complimented, or offended.”

Me: “Probably a healthy dose of all three.”

Getting Ahead In Self-Diagnosis

| Belgium | Romantic | December 28, 2013

(We are talking in bed before we go to sleep. I always fear the worst when people get sick.)

Boyfriend: “I keep getting really bad headaches lately.”

Me: “Maybe you should see a doctor?”

Boyfriend: “Nah. It’s just headache. What are they gonna do?”

Me: “Well, maybe something is wrong?”

Boyfriend: “Like what?”

Me: “I don’t know… Worst case, a brain tumor or something. You never know!”

Boyfriend: “That’s not possible. I don’t have that.”

Me: “What, tumors?”

Boyfriend: “No, brains!”

Incorrect Answer Is Politically Correct

| UK | Learning | December 28, 2013

(The British National Party is a notoriously racist and bigoted political party in the UK. We’re in a lesson that uses the BNP as an example for a concept.)

Teacher: “And does anyone know what BNP stand for?”

Student: “Yeah, British National… Problem?”

(Never have I been so proud of a class!)

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Troll Hunting

| Learning | December 28, 2013

Baby On Board (The Bus)

| Right | December 27, 2013

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