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I Love You Infinity, Plus Three

| USA | Romantic | January 1, 2013

(I’m skyping my boyfriend, and he’s been chatting with his other friend for some time. He tells me they’re talking about me. Finally they stop talking, and we’re about to say goodnight.)

Me: “Wait! Before we say goodnight, tell me what you told [friend] about me so I have something to think about while I fall asleep!”

Boyfriend: “We were discussing a gift for you.”

Me: “Oh! Okay, don’t tell me that. Uhm… tell me how much you love me instead!”

Boyfriend: “Hmm. In Harry Potter, what’s that thing Harry and Dumbledore do to travel, and they spin really fast?”

Me: “‘Apparate’?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, that’s it! Okay. If our love was an ocean, you would have to ‘apparate’ 3 times to cross it.”

Me: “Hmm. Sweetie, there’s no limit to how far you can ‘apparate.'”

Boyfriend: “Exactly.”


Anniversaries Require Sweeping Gestures

| USA | Romantic | January 1, 2013

(My dad plays in a band, and they often play wedding receptions. During one such instance, someone runs out during the wedding to buy a broom to use as a pole for the limbo. It is after the reception.)

Groom: “Does anyone have use for this broom?”

My Dad: “Oh! Do you mind if I take it? It’s mine and my wife’s anniversary. I can’t wait to see the look on her face!”

Vote for the 2012 Not Always Romantic Story of the Year!

Not Always Romantic | Romantic | January 1, 2013

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