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Swears He Is Older

| San Diego, CA, USA | Related | October 10, 2012

Son: “Dada, what’s your name?”

Husband: “Dada.”

Son: “How old are you?”

Husband: “31.”

Me: *to our son* “How old are you?”

Son: “I’m 32.”

Husband: “No, you’re 3!”

Son: “That’s crap!”

Make It Up To Her With Lucy In The Sky

| VA, USA | Related | October 10, 2012

(On my mom’s birthday, my sister and I spend the day buttering her up with compliments about how ageless and young she is. We also were pretty silly, including sending her a text with the lyrics to the Beatles song ‘Happy Birthday’. In the evening she’s telling my dad about the wonderful day she’s been having.)

Mom: “Oh, and you won’t believe what [my name] texted me at lunch.”

Dad: “What?”

Me: “Think Beatles, Dad.”

Mom: “You know, something appropriate for today?”

Dad: *after pondering for a moment* “’When I Get Older’? ‘When I Turn 64’?”

Chemically Imbalanced, Part 2

| Perth, WA, Australia | Romantic | October 10, 2012

(I am bored at work and have just read this story. Immediately after, I text my husband.)


Husband: “Batman!”

Me: “This is why I love you.”

Think Before You Key

| Romantic | October 10, 2012

A Slight Hiccup With The Test

| Newcastle, England, UK | Romantic | October 10, 2012

(Earlier in the day I had been the doctors due to a pregnancy scare. My test turned out negative.)

Boyfriend: *hiccups* “Aw. I’ve got hiccups again!”

Me: *without missing a beat* “Baby, I lied earlier. I am pregnant…”

(He goes deathly silent.)

Me: “Hiccups gone, then?”

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