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Avoiding A Rough Patch

| London, England, UK | Romantic | October 18, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are walking through a very pretty park in London. ‘Kew’ is a very lovely park on the outskirts of London, but we are currently walking through a different park.)

Boyfriend: “This place is beautiful, just like you used to be.”

Me: “…what?”

Boyfriend: “I said it’s beautiful, just like Kew used to be.”

Me: “Oh. That makes more sense!”

Less Is More, More Or Less

| Dallas, TX, USA | Romantic | October 18, 2012

Fiancé: “I love you.”

Me: “I love you more!”

(I’m expecting him to respond with some sort of challenge… but no.)

Fiancé: *pause* “That’s probably true.”

Chivalry Is Undead

| London, England, UK | Romantic | October 18, 2012

(I have been sick at home for a couple of days. Since my girlfriend is feeling sorry for me, she lets me pick the movie to watch tonight, even though she hates all my choices. I order a notoriously gory zombie horror, to which she gates paler and paler throughout the night. When the film is over, she looks quite sick.)

Me: “Babe, are you okay?”

Girlfriend: “That film was horrible! How can you not feel sick?”

Me: “Did it make you sick, babe?”

Girlfriend: “I really don’t feel well at all now. I keep seeing zombies and-” *she shudders*

(I wrap my blanket around her instead. I get up and make her a cup of her favourite blend of tea. While I am up, I do the dishes and fold the laundry. When I get back to the sofa I see that she is browsing for more gory horror films.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Girlfriend: “You’re being so nice! If I had known watching this is all it would have taken [for you to pamper me], then I’d have-” *she gets distracted by something on the TV* “-ooh babe, look! This film has a sequel!”

What Do I Send?

| Romantic | October 18, 2012

May The Customers Be Ever In Your Favor

, | Auckland, NZ | Right | October 17, 2012

(I work at a very busy fast food chain, so we often take our customers’ names and call them to the counter when their food is ready.)

Me:” Your name please, ma’am?”

Customer: “Primrose Everdeen.”

Me: “Thank you, could you please wait by the window? We’ll call you up when your meal is ready.”

(At this point, I’m thinking that this customer is a bit strange, but I let it pass. A few minutes pass.)

Coworker: “Primrose Everdeen.”

Customer: “I volunteer!”

May The Employees Be Ever In Your Favor

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