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Too Saucy For TV

| Bribie Island, QLD, Australia | Romantic | October 24, 2012

(My boyfriend is quoting an advertisement that’s been on TV.)

Boyfriend: “You’re looking so hot today, like a sunrise!”

Me: “Ugh, just stop. Some things shouldn’t be quoted. Make up something original.”

Boyfriend: “Fine. You’re beautiful… like a self-saucing pudding…”

Thought For Food

| USA | Romantic | October 24, 2012

(My girlfriend and I are discussing when to eat dinner.)

Me: “I’m not really that hungry. I had a big lunch.”


Me: “I also had trail mix as a snack.”


Girlfriend: *on a different topic* “I had a thought.”

Me: “Those don’t have any calories. You should have food instead.”

I Have A Date

| Romantic | October 24, 2012


| Right | October 23, 2012

Anyone On The Till?

| Right | October 23, 2012

Via Wobble Goggy.

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