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Like Son, Like Father, Part 2

| Monterey, CA, USA | Related | December 27, 2011

(We are gathered around an otter exhibit at the aquarium.)

Father: “What’s the otter’s name?”

Son: “Buddy!”

Father: “You call everybody ‘Buddy’, buddy!”


One Mother To Rule Them All

| Hudsonville, MI, USA | Related | December 27, 2011

(We are sitting around the dinner table eating as a family.)

Dad: *clearly thinking something* “I like…I like movies.”

Brother: “Okay?”

Dad: “I like movies…like Lord of the Rings.”

Mom: “Jim…no you don’t.”

Dad: *shrugging* “I know.”

I Love You, And Stuff

| Denver, CO, USA | Romantic | December 27, 2011

(My boyfriend and I are driving. He has helped me to grow as a person, and I am trying to express that to him. I am notoriously unromantic.)

Me: “Thank you, so much.”

Boyfriend: “For what, honeysuckle?”

Me: “Everything. Before you came into my life, I was a lost puppy. You have helped me grow into an amazing person.”

Boyfriend: “Aw, that’s sweet!”

(He has a big smile one his face.)

Me: “I truly feel like you are the other half of me, the one that makes my world go round. The one that I want to see first thing in the morning, and all that crap.”

(He starts laughing.)

Boyfriend: “You almost had it, babe.”

Me: “You know it was honest, right?”

A Movie Engagement

| New York, NY, USA | Romantic | December 27, 2011

Boyfriend: “So, guess what we’re doing tonight?”

(He has been dangling this in front of me all day.)

Me: “I have no idea. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. What are we doing?”

Boyfriend: *excited* “We’re going to see the Muppets movie!”

(I release an unintelligible, loud, incredibly excited scream.)

Girls across from us: “Congratulations!”

Boyfriend: *whispering* “I think that those girls thought that I just proposed to you.”

No Bumps In This Relationship

| KY, USA | Romantic | December 27, 2011

(I am at school with my girlfriend, not long before our nine-month anniversary. We stop to say hello to a teacher we both had years before. I decide to tell the teacher about our upcoming anniversary.)

Girlfriend and I: *together* “Hi, Mrs.[name]!”

Teacher: “Hi!”

Me: *hugging girlfriend* “Almost nine months!”

(Our teacher looks at me strangely, and covers her mouth with one hand.)

Me: *realizing what I said, and blushing* “Uh. since we started dating!”

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