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Ask A Stupid Question, Part 2

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(I’m standing right in front of about ten racks of toys and a giant sign that says “Toy Shop.”)

Customer: “Do you carry toys?”

Me: *turns, looks up at the sign* “Nope.”

(Customer walks off to continue her search.)

Today, All My Questions Shall Be Stupid
Ask A Stupid Question …

God Complex

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(I hostess at an upscale restaurant in a very nice part of town. I get a call like this about once a night on weekends, which are super busy.)

Customer: “Can I get a reservation for four at 7 tonight for Dr. xxx?”

Me: “I’m very sorry sir, we’re booked solid from 6 to 10. I can get you a reservation for tomorrow night if you’re interested.”

Customer: “But I’m a doctor.”

Those Silly Ethnics And Their Funny Words

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Customer: “Do you have burrito wrappers?”

Me: “Do you mean tortillas?”

Customer: “Well I guess you could call them that.”