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Our Guests Are Robots Too

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Ski Resort Guest: “Hey! You guys really go all out.”

(Me with puzzled look on face)

Ski Resort Guest: “You guys have that robotic bear crossing underneath the lift just as we went over.”

Me: “Sir, we don’t have any robotic bears.”

Ski Resort Guest: “What? You mean that was a real bear?”

Me: “Yes sir.”

Ski Resort Guest: “Ahhh. We were gonna hike down but I think we’ll just take the lift.”


Please See The “Time Travel” Section

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Customer: “Do you have a picture book of dinosaurs?”

Me: “Sure.”

(We walk to the dinosaur books and I show him many books with various sketches and paintings of dinosaurs)

Customer: “No, not pictures…PHOTOGRAPHS. Photos of dinosaurs, please. Where are those?”


Actually, Fido Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction

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Dog Owner: “When my dog pees, he leaves brown patches all over the lawn. Is he peeing fire?”


Sure, I’ll Get The Ones That Sing & Dance

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Seafood Restaurant Customer: (While looking at the lobster tank full of live lobsters) “Do you have any fresh ones?”


Apparently, It Grows On Trees Nowadays

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Disgruntled Bank Customer: “What do you mean I don’t have any money? I still have checks in my book!”

(Customer opens up check book, showing off her blank checks)

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