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Captain Obvious Strikes Back

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Customer: “Yes, how much is your ‘four dollar car wash?'”

Me: “It’s four dollars, ma’am.”

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Shove It Up Your Asana

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Customer: “I’d like to have this book.” *holding a yoga book about relaxation with discount sticker on it*

Me: “I’m sorry sir. There seems to have been a mistake here. The book is to be sold at full price. The sticker was put on it by mistake.”

Customer: *A bit frustrated* “Can I get a discount anyway?”

Me: “I’ll see what I can do.” *trying to change the price in the
“…I’m sorry. This book has a locked price.”

Customer: “Well, shove it up your a**hole then!” *storms out*

Why Super-Sizing Isn’t Always A Good Idea

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Customer: “I’ll get an espresso.”

(after receiving the espresso)

Customer: “I’m not paying $2.50 for this…fill up the cup!”

Me: “Sir, you will literally die…”