Dark As Dirt

, , , | Friendly | October 28, 2018

(We all have that friend that goes right to the dark side for everything. I’m visiting my friend, and I’m wearing sandals. It’s been raining all week, and everything is mucky — stairs, grass, pavement. She starts staring at my foot. After a few minutes, my friend says, “What’s that black on your foot?” I look down and see something sort of caked on the side of my foot, half on the sole.)

Me: “Dirt. It’s muddy out.”

Friend: “But it’s black.”

Me: “Well, my black sandals got wet and some of the dye came out in the mud. Happens when they get wet.”

Friend: “I thought it might be gangrene.”

Me: “No, it’s dirt… Wait, what?”

(It left me wondering, how the heck does someone jump right to GANGRENE?!)

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