Dan’s About To Move To Albuquerque

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(My husband and I go to Disneyworld to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and paying off our house. This is about a month after “Weird” Al Yankovic released a new album with a song titled “Skipper Dan.” For those not familiar with the song, it’s about a failed actor working the Jungle Cruise Ride at Disneyland.

We get in line at said attraction. As we are waiting for the next free boat to come up, I glance at the nametag of the cast member helping load the boat. Lo and behold, the nametag says “Dan.”)

Me: “Is your name really Dan?”

(He nods sadly.)

Me: “Have people been asking about the Weird Al song?” 

(He nods sadly again.)

Me: “You poor b******.” 

(He smiles with another sad nod. We get on the next boat and our enthusiastic ride operator goes through his opening spiel…)

Operator: “…and on the deck is our own Skipper Dan of Weird Al fame. Hi, Skipper Dan!” 

(Skipper Dan slumped his shoulders and waved. I don’t know if that was an act or not, but know that all us working stiffs are with you, Skipper Dan. Salute.)

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