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Damaging Their Reputations

, , , , | Working | December 10, 2019

(I’m in college. There’s a librarian at my local public library that’s been there since I was a little kid and has always given me attitude for some unknown reason. A week ago, I took out a book that had a little bit of water damage. I am turning it back in at a different location. As I walk in, I see the cranky librarian from my usual location. I internally groan but walk in anyway.)

Me: *puts the book at the check-in desk* “Here you go. Just the one return today, please.”

Librarian: “Hold on there! This book has water damage.”

Me: “Yes. It was like that when I took it out.”

Librarian: “No, it wasn’t.”

Me: “Yes, it was.”

Librarian: “We’d never check out a book in this condition!”

(The book is in very good condition, other than the one or two water-damaged pages.)

Me: “Well, you weren’t here to stop me, so…” *shrugs*

Librarian: “You need to pay for this.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Librarian: “You damaged it, you buy it!”

Me: “I didn’t damage anything! It was like that when I took it out.”

Librarian: “It was not like that!”

Me: “Did you personally check out this book to me? No. Can I talk to someone else?”

Librarian: “No. If you don’t pay for this book, I’m putting a hold on your card, and you can’t check out anything else.”

Me: “You do that. I have a job. I can buy my own books now. Bye!”

(He glared at me on my way out.)

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