Dairy, Dairy, Quite Contrary, Part 4

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I have autism, which tends to mean that sometimes things slip out of my mouth, mostly random nonsense.

Customer: “Do you have any dairy-free items?”

Me: “Oh, I’m dairy-free, too. I can definitely recommend the chili, and here are a few others.”

Customer: *Confused* “Beef chili.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s slow-cooked beef in a smoky tomato and chili sauce with black beans, roasted red pepper strips, coriander, and a squeeze of lime.” 

Customer: “But it doesn’t contain any dairy?”

I check the back again, just in case they updated things.

Me: “No, it doesn’t.”

Customer: “But aren’t cows dairy?”

Me: *Sarcasm slip* “Oh, only the female ones, madam.”

The customer pauses for a second and my heart drops! I’m gonna get fired for that.

Customer: “Oh, okay! I’ll take four, then.”

I ring the customer up and wish her a nice day. My boss has been watching all this in the corner, trying not to laugh.

Boss: ” I’m shocked you got away with that one!” 

Me: “Yeah… Although, technically, I’m right!”

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