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Daddy Has To Pony Up For Another One

, , , , , | Related | March 2, 2013

(My sister is eight and I’m four. We’ve grown up around horses, riding our dad’s since before we could walk. My oldest sister has just gotten a free pony after begging for her own for years. My dad isn’t happy but has agreed to keep the pony. It’s winter, just after a snowstorm, and my sister has been thrown from the pony into a huge snow pile. I’m laughing at her.)

Sister: “I’d like to see you do any better!”

Me: “Bet I can!”

(I get on the pony and she takes off, trying to get me off by turning sharp and getting almost too close to trees. She finally slides to a stop, causing me to lean forward, before rearing up and throwing me into a frozen water trough.)

Mom: “That pony’s sure got good aim.”

Dad: “Good. Now maybe they’ll stop asking us for pets.”

Me: “Daddy, I want a better pony!”

Dad: “D*** it!”

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