Dada Meets Gaga

| Romantic | May 10, 2013

(My boyfriend has left his computer unattended. I am about to post rude remarks on his social networking account, when I notice he has two music videos open. One is ‘Point Your Finger’, by popular Australian children’s band ‘The Wiggles’. The other has an obscenity laden band name and title, and a quick listen reveals it consists mainly of distorted samples and screaming. When he comes back in, he sees me listening to it with an expression of bewilderment on my face.)

Boyfriend: “I can explain!”

Me: “I’m not sure I want to know. But sure, go ahead…”

Boyfriend: “Well, you know how I like my art Dadaist, and true art is meant to be incomprehensible? It’s basically the musical equivalent of that; mocking various other electronic music styles, and being as strange and disturbing as possible!”

Me: “That’s… not really a great explanation. But I guess it makes sense for you. But why ‘The Wiggles’ as well?”

Boyfriend: “Have you looked at that? It’s the only music I’ve found that comes close to [other band] in complete insanity!”

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