Dad Jokes On Tour

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My dad and mum are separated and live four or five hours from each other. When we were younger, my dad would come to pick us up and drive us to his to spend the weekend there. My stepmum would often call to find out where he was, which he’d put on speaker through the hands-free. The conversation often went like this.

Stepmum: “Where are you?”

Dad: “In the car.”

Stepmum: “Where in the car?”

Dad: “In the driver’s seat.”

Stepmum: “Yes. Very funny. Where’s the car?”

Dad: “On the road.”

Stepmum: “Where’s the road?”

Dad: “In England.”

Stepmum: “Where are you in England?!”

Dad: “In the car.”

Stepmum: “For God’s sake, [Dad]—”

Oldest Sister: “We’ve just passed the sign for [Place].”

Stepmum: “THANK YOU!”

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