Dad Is The Biggest Baby

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CONTENT WARNING: This story contains content of a medical nature. It is not intended as medical advice.

(My dad can be very annoying. For some reason, he just always has to be the center of attention, and it can be frustrating. He’ll talk over you, deny he doesn’t talk over you, play loud music 24/7, hog the TV, and yell [not angrily, just because] a lot. He has issues with being ignored. My baby niece is here, and he’s gone out to get cigarettes. The baby is crying and having a series of mini seizures — she has epilepsy — because she’s upset. After having tried everything to calm her down, I finally just put some calm music on the TV. It works, and she stops crying, and her seizures subside. She goes to sleep soon after. She’s relaxed enough and has eaten, so I just put on a playlist of music to keep her that way. Cue Dad, or “Dumb As Dirt,” coming in, stomping. When he sees that I’ve got the– no, “his” TV on and have music playing, he gives a look that I ignore. Then, he precedes to take his wallet, slam it on the glass coffee table hard, and boom at me to turn it off in some “playful” way. The noise from the leather hitting the glass is loud as a bullet, and my niece jumps awake and starts having a seizure.)

Me: “DAD, WHAT THE F***?! The baby was asleep and now you’ve got her seizing!”

Mom: *from upstairs* “What the h*** was that?”

Dad: *acting totally oblivious* “What? I’m just asserting myself! This is my house! I don’t need to be quiet in my own house!”


Dad: “She always has them!”

Me: “She was asleep and calm! I had that on to get her relaxed! I get it, it’s your TV, but Jesus, don’t act like a five-year-old!”

(My mom came down and told him off, which he got mad at. She took the baby after that and calmed her down. The thing is, he’s the one who makes her come over here but acts upset over her needing special attention that requires him to not be a loud a**. )

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