Dad Cannot Change His Stripes

| Related | June 30, 2015

(This happened when my brother and I were very young. My dad would tell us stories in the car.)

Dad: “Have I told you the story of the most ferocious animal alive?”

Me: “No?! What is it?”

Dad: “It’s… a zebra!”

Me: “What? A zebra? But it’s like a horse. How could it be the most ferocious animal?”

Dad: “Exactly! It’s like a horse, but why do we ride horses and not zebras?”

Brother: “…Are zebras really the scariest animal?”

Dad: “Yes! We tried to ride them, but they were much too angry! And that’s why we ride horses now.”

(This was almost 20 years ago and we still joke about ferocious zebras to this day!)

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