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Cylon And The City

| Romantic | February 16, 2012

Girlfriend: “That is such a Miranda thing for you to do!”

Me: “Is that a Sex And The City reference again? You know I hate that show. I don’t get the references.”

Girlfriend: “If you actually finished an episode, you wouldn’t say that. And I wouldn’t be this distracting voice constantly telling you to give it a go.”

Me: “That, is such a Baltar thing to happen!”

*short pause*


Me: “…Galactica, yes. See? I can make my own references.”

Girlfriend: “Okay, how about this? I will sit down and watch all of Battlestar Galactica with you, if you will sit down and watch all of Sex And The City with me. I really think it will help us as a couple!”

Me: “Deal!”

Girlfriend: “Really?”

Me: “Absolutely! I love the idea and in the interests of nurturing our relationship and love of each other and coming to a mature understanding of the other person as defined through their favourite TV show, I accept.”

(I put my hand out in a handshake gesture. She takes it, and I begin shaking vigorously.)

Girlfriend: “Thanks babe! I really think that’s mature of you.”

Me: “Did I mention that while Sex And The City had six short seasons of episodes at half an hour each, Battlestar has over a hundred hour-long episodes?”

Girlfriend: “What! That’s not fair!”

Me: “Hey, you made the deal. All of Sex And The City, for all of Battlestar Galactica.”

Girlfriend: “Fine! But, aha! Sex And The City has two movies!”

Me: “So does Battlestar.”

Girlfriend: “D*** it!”

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