Cutting Hair And Cutting You Out Of The Conversation

, , , , , | Working | October 2, 2020

I am at a hairdressers’ shop I don’t normally visit, because I’ve heard good things about it and I’ve decided I don’t mind its price tag. I’m introduced to my stylist and she asks what I want. I show her with the images I brought in.

That is as far as the conversation side goes with her. It’s not like she doesn’t partake in any small talk, she just doesn’t talk to me. During the wash station and cut, she chats to everyone but me. When I do talk, she either goes, “Uh-huh,” dismissively or flat-out ignores me in favour of talking to other clients and staff.

She has just finished my hair and I’m paying for the cut; I opt not to mention her ignoring me and just not leave a tip… until this happens.

Stylist: *Loudly* “What, no tip?”

This results in people looking over.

Me: *Just as loudly* “You ignored me for the entirety of the hour and a half I was in here and you want a tip? How about putting conversation with your client higher than conversation with other stylists’? After all, I’m the one who pays and tips you, not them.”

She went bright red, and I left.

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