Cutting Down On Cutting In

, , , | Working | March 21, 2019

(A prolific chain has started the ability to order online and have them load up your car when you arrive for groceries. I have never used it before this because they aren’t all that close to where I live, and the grocery store is literally two blocks away. Normally, my wife does the shopping herself while I watch our son, but I do not want to be in the house on my day off, so I go with her. She knows where everything is and it doesn’t take us too long to get what we need. The store is pretty busy in anticipation for a winter storm coming in, and it looks like almost every register is open. We are waiting in line when the previous people move up, and suddenly a woman and her three kids cut us off with a cart full and start to unload directly onto the belt.)

Me: *to my wife* “What the…”

Wife: *sighs* “People here do that all the time!”

Me: *to woman* “Take it all off, now.”

(The woman ignores me and starts to unload faster.)

Me: *to cashier* “Hey, I know you saw that. Are you going to do anything about this?”

Cashier: *just looks at me defeated* “I can’t, really…”

Me: “Okay, then. You deal with the consequences.” *to my wife* “Leave it. Leave all of it. We’re going somewhere else.”

Wife: “What?!”

Me: “Leave the cart here. If there are no consequences, people will keep doing it. Make them suffer for it. Come on.”

(I take my son out of the cart and start to walk away. At first, my wife doesn’t know if I am serious, and after I take a few steps away, she follows me.)

Cashier: “Sir! SIR! You can’t leave that here! SIR!”

(I keep walking out and wave him off as a manager comes rushing up to us, trying to stop me, but I keep walking.)

Manager: “Sir, what is the problem?”

Me: “A woman ran in front of us as I approached the belt and began unloading. Your cashier said he wouldn’t do anything about it. You can put all those groceries back yourself, then. If you’re going to encourage bad behavior, encourage this.”

(I continue to walk out, and when we get into the car my wife is a little heated.)

Wife:Now what?”

Me: *pulling out my phone* “Drive to [Specific Store]. I’ve got this covered.”

(I proceeded to do the shopping through their app from everything on our list. By the time we got there, the order was ready slightly ahead of us and we had them load it up into the car. Turns out my little stunt/temper tantrum had a small bit of an effect, because my wife said the next time she went in that store, they were telling people they couldn’t cut ahead in the lines anymore and she has only had it be a problem a handful of times since then.)

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