Cut Down His Plan

, , , , | Working | April 24, 2018

(I have just done my grocery shopping after an eight-hour shift. I am tired and a bit irritated. I have put my things on the belt when three girls with a few things come up behind me. The middle girl has an adorable puppy in her jacket. I coo over the puppy, and the girls smile, before I turn to watch the cashier finish ringing up the person ahead of me. Then, instead of ringing mine, he GESTURES AT THE THREE GIRLS BEHIND ME and goes:)

Cashier: “You can go first.”

(I freeze, they freeze, and they stare at me with wide, surprised eyes. I have dealt with rude customers all day and am not going to be cut in front of, so I turn to the cashier.)

Me: *in a stern, but polite voice* “CAN they?”

Cashier: *stammers* “Well, I mean, if you’ll let them.”

(The girls from behind pipe up.)

Girls: “No! She was here first!”

(He just sighed and huffed, ringing my groceries up without issue. I paid for them and left. I get that he wanted to chat and flirt with the pretty girls, and not with the tired, chubby girl, but of all the NERVE!)

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