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Customers Will Ask For Everything Except The Kitchen Sink

, , , , , | Right | January 18, 2023

I work in a food service store — a store that caters to hotels, restaurants, catering, and other such clients. This means that we only carry items to keep a kitchen running. It’s food mostly, but some equipment, as well, like disposable gloves, disposable aprons, foil pans, a few cleaning chemicals, and the barest selection of laundry detergent.

Despite being such a store, I have been asked the following and more.

Customer #1: “Where’s the deodorant? I’m staying in [Hotel] and need some more Old Spice.”

Customer #2: “Do you carry motor oil? I see you have peanut and corn oil.”

Customer #3: “Who do I talk to about getting this (vinyl) apron monogrammed?”

Customer #4: “Who in their right mind would buy three-hundred egg roll wrappers?”

Customer #5: “How can you have grenadine when you don’t sell liquor?”

This one is said to me by a customer as I am exiting the marked restroom door he claims not to have located:

Customer #6: “I can’t seem to find the restroom, where is it?”

Customer #7: “Where’s the pharmacy?”

But my favorite question of all time, asked with a deadly serious face:

Customer #8: “If I ordered something for ‘in-store pick-up’, do I have to come here to pick it up? Or will it be waiting for me somewhere else?”

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