Customers Versus The Glorious Age Of Cell Phone Cameras

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I am looking for good deals on beef in the weekly ad for this grocery store. I head to the checkout lane. The cashier has two people ahead of me: an average-looking gent and then a twenty-something woman who also seems nondescript. I am hoping to get home and get these in the fridge. The gent finishes, and then the woman is up. The cashier scans her stuff, then gets to the total.

Cashier: “Do you have your rewards card?”

Customer: “No, don’t you have one of those you can use for customers?”

Cashier: “No, sorry. How about your phone number?”

I get ready to offer my card for her use. I can relate to not having the card. The woman gives her phone number and nothing comes up.

Cashier: “Sorry, I don’t have anything on that number. Do you have another number?”

Customer: “No! Just punch in the code so I can get my discount.”

I look at her face and kick myself for not having my phone ready to watch this pending collision happen. I put my rewards card back in my pocket and grab my phone.

Cashier: “I’m afraid I need a card to scan to do that.”

Customer:Listen. Either you punch that code in and give me my discount, or I’m going to send a complaint to your manager, bury this place in bad reviews with your name on them, and call corporate.”

I pull up a search on my phone as the cashier tries to tell her that there is no code to punch in.

Customer: “If you don’t—”

Me: “Sir, is she threatening you physically?”

The customer turns to look at me.

Customer: “What?!”

Me: “Wait, I found it.”

I read from my phone.

Me: “‘Blackmail, the use of threats or the manipulation of someone’s feelings to force them to do something.’”

The customer GLARES at me.

Me: “Trust me, anything you say or post will be promptly followed by my account of how things went.”

Customer: *Getting red* “F*** you.”

Me: “They may be able to call you out, but I definitely will.”

She angrily swipes her card and gets her stuff. She calls me a few more choice profanities as she stomps away, but I’m already holding up MY rewards card so she can see it.

Me: *To the cashier* “I was even going to offer the use of my card.”

The cashier thanked me with a smile. I offered my number so he could text me if anything happened and I could respond, but nothing ever did. Maybe she got smart enough to realize the kind of backlash she could get.

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