Customers Tire Of Waiting Faster Than You Tire Of Them

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(I’m working with my coworker on the last couple of cars we have in the shop at our tire and lube service. It is almost closing time but we have enough time to put one more vehicle in the system for a service. Only two bays are open; the cars we are working on are up on the lifts, and each have at least one tire taken off. I see a fairly elderly customer pull up in his truck to the bay doors where “No Parking” is clearly marked in all capital letters with yellow paint on the pavement. I go over to make sure of what he wants and to tell him to pull to our front door to check in.)

Me: “Good evening, sir. What can we help you with?”

Customer: “Yeah, I bought these tires from you, but the valve stems aren’t taking air well. Could you replace them?”

Me: “Yes, we can. Just pull around to our front door and check in with our service writer, please.”

Customer: “But it’s just a valve stem!”

Me: “Yes, sir but we are already working on two cars and we still have to put you in the system for a service, even if it’s free. There’s gonna be a bit of a wait.”

Customer: *becomes very irate* “But it’s just a valve stem! Can’t you just pop a new one in?!”

(Again, note we only have two bays open, cars up on the lifts with tires off. He is essentially demanding us to drop what we’re doing for PAYING customers, put a tire back on and bring one of the cars out, then to bring his truck in, take a tire off, break the tire down on one side to replace the valve stem, reseal it back to the rim, and put it back on his truck for FREE.)

Me: “Sir, you would still have to wait; these two are first.” *gestures to the cars already in*

Customer: “Where’s your manager?!”

Me: “He’s already gone home.”

Customer: “Y’all standing around doing nothing!” *gets in his truck and literally burns rubber with his tires squealing and smoking, complete with the lingering burnt rubber smell as he drives off*

Me: *turns to coworker* “We were only ‘standing around doing nothing’ as he put it BECAUSE of him. We were clearly busy before he showed up.” *shares a laugh*

(Later on, a manager from another department came over. Turned out that the customer went to complain about us. Our service writer, who saw and heard the whole exchange, went to make sure the whole story was told to the managers, and not just the customer’s side. From what the manager said, it sounded like he was about to tell only his side of the story but when he saw our service writer go to tell the full story, he left before the manager could talk to him again.)

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