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Customers That Make You Want To Scream

, , , , | Right | October 31, 2018

(I’m a tour guide at a historic house during the day, haunted house at night during Halloween season. I’ve just finished my first tour of the night and am sitting in the guide station when a group comes in.)

Guest: “So, we thought our tour was at 8:30, but it was actually 8:05. What can we do?”

Dispatch: “We’re all booked for tonight, so you can either get caught up to your tour, or you can reschedule for another night.”

Guest: “We’ll get caught up.”

Dispatch: “[My Name], could you catch them up? They’re on [Coworker]’s tour.”

Me: “Of course! Right this way, please.”

(I lead them down a hallway. We have next to no lighting in here, and I’m trying to move quickly and quietly, as there are tours in every room around us. Suddenly, I hear a scream, followed by the rest of the guests I’m escorting screaming. It happens twice more before I realize what’s happening: one of the guests, a man in probably his mid-20s, is screaming randomly to frighten his friends. It’s incredibly disruptive and distracting.)

Me: “Sir, please do not scream like that.”

Guest: “I thought this was supposed to be scary!”

Me: “It’s our job to scare you. Please don’t do that for us.”

(He doesn’t do it again… for a few minutes. Right as we’re heading up the stairs to meet my coworker, he screams again, setting off his friends again.)

Me: “Sir, I need you to stop doing that.”

(I informed my coworker about the new guests I’d brought him and headed back down to the guide station, where I immediately informed the dispatchers about the man’s behavior. When I asked my coworker about it later, my coworker told me that the group was awful, but that there was another employee trailing after the tour, and that helped. According to dispatch, they also later tried to get a refund because they’d missed so much of the tour, even though they still went on it and it was their own fault. They did not get a refund.)

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