Customers That Make You See Red Can Also Make You See Blue

, , , , | Right | November 29, 2018

(I am a cashier at a large grocery and department chain. I am still relatively new. A customer is buying some groceries. I scan their items, but come across two half-empty sixteen-packs of Gatorade.)

Customer: “We wanted both the blue and red ones, but wanted to try and split them. Can we do that?”

Me: “So, you took a red Gatorade sixteen-pack, and a blue Gatorade sixteen-pack, and took half of the bottles out of both of them… and you want to pay for the price of one?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I was skeptical, but I asked my manager, and of course he said no. I took the Gatorade bottles later to return them to the shelves. My manager stated they probably just left the other half sitting on the shelf.)

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