Customers Not Finding The Opening They’re Looking For

, , | Right | December 2, 2018

(I have just clocked out of work and am walking to the back to collect my things. A customer comes running towards me with two items in her hands; one of them is missing the tag.)

Customer: “Hey, you. This, 50% off!”

(She then shoves the item without the tag in my face.)

Me: “No—”

Customer: “This, 50% off!”

Me: “No, it is full price.”

Customer: *waving the item around* “It is opened! So, 50% off!”

Me: “No, it is not on sale.”

Customer: “Why won’t you give it to me for 50% off?”

Me: “Because the item is fully functional.”

(The item she wants  and is waving around has a part you can unscrew, and at this point it falls off.)

Customer: “It is broken. 50% off.”

Me: “No, you will not get it for 50% off.”

(The customer shoves her items at me, stating that she does not want them, before she finally decides to leave. I give my coworker the items so that they can be put away.)

Coworker: “You know, she tried the same thing on me. She was also the one who actually opened the item! If she comes back, I am simply going to call security!”

(We have never had to call security on a customer before, but for this customer we actually had to consider it!)

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