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Customers Like This Make Us Sick

, , , | Right | April 27, 2022

I had a customer who was upset because a particular specialty department in our store was left unmanned when the worker called off sick. The customer demanded personal assistance, so I secured my department and did my best (which, admittedly, was limited). The customer complained the entire time.

Customer: “I can’t believe there was no one in this department to help me!”

Me: “I’m sorry. The person who was supposed to be here called off sick.”

That was, apparently, a mistake.

Customer: “Ugh! I’m so tired of people calling off sick for no reason and everyone being scared of nothing!”

Me: *Annoyed* “My coworker has the flu. I’m just as happy that she’s at home with her fever and vomit, rather than bringing it to work with her and sharing the illness with the rest of the staff.”

The customer, amazingly, didn’t consider this viable.

Customer: “Well, something is going to make you sick. People need to show up and do their jobs because that’s what they used to do!”

And she flounced out.

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