Customers Ensure There Is No Calm Before The Storm

, , , , | Right | May 7, 2017

(There’s a winter storm on the way that’s expected to dump about four feet of snow on us over the next few days starting around midnight. Naturally, schools and businesses are starting to pre-emptively close for the following day, especially as a state-of-emergency has just been issued and there’s early talk of a non-essential travel ban for non-emergency vehicles being issued the next day if it gets as bad as is being predicted. We have to make the call to close the theater down the following day due to the expected unsafe travel conditions and the potential for the travel ban, and we disable online ticketing sales for the next days. We’re also told not to sell advance tickets for the next few days in-theater. At the tail-end of my shift, a woman comes barging into the theater, clearly miffed.)

Me: “Hey there. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I can’t believe this! I had to drive 45 minutes to get here because your stupid website isn’t working! Do you know how inconvenient that is?!”

Me: “Oh, jeez. I’m sorry. Well, what can I get for you.”

Customer: “I need six tickets for [Movie] tomorrow afternoon!”

Me: “Oh, I understand. Unfortunately, our website is not allowing guests to purchase tickets for tomorrow as the theater won’t be open with the winter storm hitting tonight.”

Customer: “What?! No. You’re open!”

Me: “Unfortunately, ma’am, management has already made the call. We won’t be open tomorrow, and it’s possible it will be a few days before we can safely open back up. The storm is supposed to be pretty bad. They’re even talking about issuing a travel-bad for non-emergency personnel.”

Customer: “No, I’m telling you that you’re open, because I’m telling you to sell me tickets. And I expect someone to be here to let me in!”

Me: “Unfortunately, that’s not going to be possible, ma’am. I’m really sorry.”

Customer: *seething* “No. You don’t understand. I give you cash now. You sell me tickets. I come in tomorrow. And you have to be here to let me in. I don’t give a damn about the weather. I don’t give a damn about some non-existent ‘travel-ban.’ And I don’t give a damn about how hard it is for you. You have to be here to let me in to see [Movie]. I promised my kids they’ll be seeing [Movie] tomorrow. And you’re not stopping me. Comprendé?”

Me: “I understand your frustration, but there’s really nothing I can do. We’re not allowed to sell tickets for tomorrow as we’re not going to be open.”

Customer: “JUST SELL ME THE F****** TICKETS!”

Me: “Ma’am, please do not swear. This is a family establishment. And it’s completely out of my hands. I cannot sell you tickets.”

Customer: “Yes, you can, and you will! And YOU better be here tomorrow! If you are going to be so f****** difficult, YOU are going to be the one to suffer!”

(I’ve had about enough, so I get my manager and explain the situation. He gets a devilish smile and gives me the go-ahead to sell her tickets — but only on the condition that she acknowledges that she will not get a refund if we’re not open that day — which is a decision that was already made. I go back to the customer, and she seems ecstatic that she’s “won,” and immediately agrees with the condition.)

Customer: *as she leaves; beaming* “See you tomorrow! Remember, YOU better be the one to be here!”

(I didn’t see her the following day… or the next few days as the weather got so bad, the theater was closed until the weekend, along with basically every other business in the area. And I asked my manager… she apparently never came back. Hopefully because she realized how insane she was.)

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