Customers Behave Within Their Mean

, , , | Right | July 24, 2020

I am usually in a fairly good mood at work despite the way people typically treat fast-food employees. While we are not busy, a newer coworker of mine taps me on the shoulder.

Coworker: “So, you do that, like all the time?”

Me: “Sorry, do what?”

Coworker: “Be all happy and smile at everyone!”

Me: “Oh, that! Yes, all the time, every day.”

Coworker: “So, then, are the customers nicer to you? That must be it.”

Just then, someone charges up to the counter and throws a bag of food at me. As per the usual, the customer berates me as I politely figure out what he needs and see that he gets it. As the customer is leaving, I turn back to my coworker.

Me: “Does that answer your question?”

Coworker: “D***. He was so mean!”

Me: “Yup.”

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