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Customers Are Like Angels With Filthy Souls

, , , , | Right | September 10, 2018

(I have a friend who is not well versed in ‘90s and early ‘00s pop culture references. She works delivery for a pizza chain, and prides herself on being prompt and accurate with orders. One December night, she approaches a house and, after a fairly pleasant exchange with the customer, this happens:)

Customer: *throws money at her and slams door shut* “KEEP THE CHANGE, YA FILTHY ANIMAL!”

Friend: “UM?”

(Not knowing what’s happening, she texts me.)

Friend: “I don’t know how to feel right now. And I quote: ‘Keep the change you filthy animal!’?”

Me: *after I finish dying laughing* “It’s a Home Alone reference.”

Friend: “Really? I was traumatized.”

Question of the Week

Have you ever served a bad customer who got what they deserved?

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