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Customers Are Going To Bleed You Dry

, , , , | Right | November 30, 2021

I’m manning the registers with a few other coworkers of mine. I get a massive nosebleed right as I am finishing a transaction. I grab a tissue and quickly excuse myself to run to the restroom so I can try to get it to stop bleeding. This means that I can’t say goodbye to the customer and give the little spiel about how I am oh-so-grateful for her shopping with us.

After about ten minutes, I am finally able to get my nose back under control and head back to the registers. I see my last customer waiting to the side with a scowl on her face, arms crossed over her chest, the whole nine yards.

Customer: *Scoldingly* “You were very rude for not saying goodbye!”

Me: “I apologized; I had an unexpected nosebleed.”

Customer: “You should have tried holding it in! The customer comes first!”

Question of the Week

Tell us about a customer that lied or scammed to get what they wanted.

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