Customer Service Staff Quit Because Of The Customers

, , , , | Right | January 24, 2020

My first and only job in retail was as a cashier when I was 16. One morning, I was opening, so I was the only cashier on duty as our store was a very small location. After checking out my only customer so far that morning, a man buying dog food, the manager on duty approached me. He pointed at a woman at the customer service station and said the woman claimed I refused to help her buy a table she wanted by refusing to get it off the shelf for her, and refused to check her out in my lane when she approached me.

I tried explaining that I have never seen that woman before, and I’d only had one customer all day and spent my downtime organizing the front lanes. I guess he didn’t believe me as I saw the woman walking out with a smug smile and her table. 

I didn’t last very long before I quit, and vowed to never work retail again because of people like her. Luckily, I got a quick start to my career shortly after leaving that job, and they closed down a few months after I left. It must have been because of lying customers getting discounts and managers stealing money from registers.

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