Customer Service Makes You Emotionally Numb

, , | Right | September 20, 2017

(I am a hostess at a well-known chain of restaurants in the UK and I have just greeted a man and his young boy.)

Me: “Hi, table for two?”

Customer: “Three actually.” *puts his arm around thin air as if around a person* “Can’t you see my lovely wife?”

(Assuming he is kidding and his wife is actually parking the car, I bring him over to a table of three.)

Me: “What can I get you to drink?”

Customer: *looking at small boy* “Tell the nice lady what you want.”

Boy: “[Trademark Kid’s Drink].”

Customer: “I’ll have a coffee with milk and…” *looks across the table at an empty seat* “…what would you like dear?” *seems to acknowledge something* “Okay, and a [soda] please.”

(I now think he is being odd, and secretly wonder if he is completely right in the head, but I shrug it off and add the soda to the order.)

Me: “All right, sir, if that’s everything…” *I smile and begin to walk away but he calls me back.*

Customer: “Don’t you think what I did was odd?”

Me: *smiling again* “After a couple years in customer service, you learn to just go with it.”

Customer: *laughs*

(His wife did actually join them a little later!)

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