Customer Service Is Key

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: Washjockey | October 8, 2020

I’m at a big blue box store needing a house key cut. I walk up to the hardware counter and let the employee there know.

Employee: “Please, wait by the key machine which is at the automotive counter, and I will be with you shortly.”

As I’m waiting at the automotive counter, a manager walks by.

Manager: “The auto center is closed.”

Me: “I’m waiting to have a key cut.”

Manager: “Well it’s clear that the auto center is closed and we can’t have people loitering, so you can move along.”

Eff this, I think! I’ll go elsewhere. As I walk back by the hardware counter, the same employee sees me.

Employee: *Snarky tone* “I told you I’d be right with you, I’m still with another customer over here.”

He mutters to his customer that people don’t listen. I told him what the manager said.

Me: “I’ll be going elsewhere.”

Employee: “Have a nice day!”

His response is absolutely dripping with snark. I choose to abandon the rest of my shopping and leave empty-handed. The door greeter on the way out starts to lecture me about not window shopping right now, and that if I’m not making a purchase, I shouldn’t come in.

Maybe provide even half the bare minimum of customer service, and people might feel halfway motivated to hand over their hard-earned money.

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